Workshops ARE Huge Success

Life Track 

The first 4-day life track programme has been completed with Discovery. Discovery supports autistic people and people with learning disabilities in Somerset to get more from life.

The 4-day programme covers a wide variety of topics including: Mental Health and Wellbeing, Financial Literacy, Budgeting and Money Management, Employability training with the final day utilising the railway, public transport including journey planning, safe use of public transport, station visits and railway journey experience.

Jayne, Supported Employment Coordinator at Discovery said:

“The people I support thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt lots of useful things. Thank you for making it so fun, engaging and informative. It’s great to hear that others are being given the opportunity to take the course. ”

Whilst, Jenny, Supported Employment Manager at Discovery added:

“Thank you so much for giving our job seekers this opportunity, I have heard great feedback about the course.”