Money Management Workshops & Courses

Navigate the Money Maze

Navigate the Money Maze is a series of interactive workshops and courses, designed to give everybody the information, tips and tools to help them navigate their way towards managing their money with confidence.

Our courses and workshops are available to anyone living in our funded areas of Devon or Somerset, both face-to-face and online.

Learn to Manage Money

Learning is delivered through playing games and having discussions, making the process fun and enjoyable.

We work with you to understand your individual priorities. We want you to leave a workshop feeling empowered to make your own financial choices.

Those who complete the course will receive the Navigate the Money Maze Certificate of Attendance.

Course Topics

  • Making Financial Decisions
  • Saving and Borrowing
  • Budgeting and Money Management
  • Interview Skills/Confidence Building
  • Understanding Pay and Payslips
  • Myth Busting Benefits
If you are looking for a course to attend yourself, please check out the ‘Next Workshops’ section below and register for the event or contact 01823 299050 to find out more.

Hosting a NtMM course

Most of the courses we run are hosted through third-party organisations such as community centres, libraries, addiction centres, supported housing teams, community groups, foodbanks or town and parish councils. We have a variety of formats which the workshop content can be delivered through, from full-day, half-day or shorter bespoke sessions selected from our Menu of Provision below.

Menu of Provision

Living in the UK6 Hours
True Colour Personality Test1 Hour
Solutions Approach to Problem Solving1 Hour
Accounts, Balances, Statements1 Hour
Sources of income30 minutes
How to budget1 Hour
Ways to save money40 Minutes
Bodgit to Budget2 Hours (inc. game)
Mental Health Awareness and Tips1.5 Hours
Saving Accounts30 minutes
Universal Credit Information for claimants1 Hour
Overview of all credit products1 Hour
What to do when a Shortfall occurs20 Minutes
Financial Decision Making1 Hour
Decision-Making Planning1 Hour
Safeguarding your Finances1.5 Hours
Skills and Strenghs1.5 Hours
CV’s and Application Forms1.5 Hours
Interview Techniques1.5 Hours
Deductions and Myth Busting Employment1 Hour
Financial Budgeting and Savings1 Hour
Financial Risk and Debt1 Hour
Loan Sharks1 Hour

We have also run several workshops for Ukrainian refugees employing a native speaking tutor to help the information be understood more easily.

If you have a specialist group that would benefit from our Navigate the Money Maze information but may require additional support – please contact us to see how we can help.

Most of our workshops can cater for up to 16 individuals with smaller group discussions being key. No personal information is shared and every workshop is a friendly and non-judgemental safe space that may help you.

Navigate the Money Maze has opened my eyes to the many choices, opportunities, helpful hints/tips and support available that I had never heard of or would have known where to look to find.

If you would like to book our team to run a Navigate the Money Maze workshop or course at your venue or for a group of your clients, please download and complete the booking form below.

Workshops & Courses