Financial Education for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Learning for Life

Navigate Charity believe that financial education is the key to alleviating future poverty in our communities.

We recognise that that the specialist information required to deliver financial training can be daunting for schools and colleges.

of students feel that schools do not provide adequate financial education
of 16-24 years state that their finances are already impacting their mental health

Our Training Modules

From just £10.00 per pupil, Navigate can deliver the financial element of the PHSE curriculum on your behalf via our interactive online training modules.

Navigate has developed 2 specialist training modules which cover all requirements of the PHSE financial education standards.

We provide students with relevant, up-to-date and student-specific information, designed to help them navigate the next phase of their life, whether it be further education, employment or moving out of home.

Module One

  • Planning expenditure and budgeting for changing in circumstances (such as moving out or going to university)
  • Understanding and managing salary deductions (such as tax, NI and pensions)
  • Evaluating savings options

Module Two

  • Evaluating the potential gains and risks of different debt arrangements and repayment implications
  • Evaluating the risks in different financial ventures (including illegal schemes such as illegal money transfers)