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Navigate’s work benefits individuals and families facing financial hardship and exclusion. Our current projects cover districts in Somerset and Devon. Our experienced specialist advisers offer 1:1 advice, group-support and training. The needs of our clients are at the heart of what we do. Our services designed and delivered for the needs of our clients. Every person is an individual, everyone’s circumstances are different so we tailor our approach and delivery accordingly. We work at a pace that suits the client and use delivery styles that will encourage clients to engage with us and feel empowered.

How Can We Help You?

Money, Benefits and Debt Advice

Debt, benefits and money advice delivered in a sensitive, client-focused manner that will enable you to make informed choices about the best way to resolve your financial difficulties.

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Community Development

Our community development work aims to improve financial wellbeing and reduce social isolation across the areas we serve.

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Mental Health Training and Support

If you live in the districts of West Somerset, Mid Devon or North Devon and are worried about your current or future financial situation and the impact that it is having on your health and well-being, contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

We also provide Mental Health Training for stakeholders, delivered by our partners Mind in Somerset.

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Partnership Working

Navigate work with a wide range of statutory and voluntary sector organisations and believe strongly that partnership work adds value to the activities and communities we work with; building the financial resilience of individuals and reducing the stress and anxiety of many, enabling them to open the door to greater community engagement and improved wellbeing.

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Financial Capability

FREE, FUN & INTERACTIVE Workshop delivered through a series of games providing tips and tools to help build confidence in managing money and dealing with financial challenges.

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Workshops, Training and Events

To find out more about what workshops, training and events are taking place in your area, use our interactive map to find a course or event near you.

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