Case Study 4

Jim approached Wis£rmoney as he had £5000 on 3 credit cards and was paying £300 a month just to keep up with interest. Jim was struggling to maintain the repayments and pay for all of his living expenditure, this was causing him a great deal of distress so he made the call to Wis£rmoney to ask if any help was available to him. Jim disclosed that he suffers from severe anxiety and depression and physical mobility issues.

Our BGET Mind Mental Health Caseworker arranged to meet Jim at his local Community Mental Health Team drop-in service. Jim was unsure about his income and what ESA premiums he was being paid. Jim was uncertain about what he was receiving and did know how much he was being paid. Jim knew he was getting the Daily Living Component of Personal Independence Payment.

We asked Jim if he was in receipt of Severe Disability Premium (SDP), Jim was not aware of SDP and from the limited information provided at this time, it appeared that Jim was not receiving SDP.

We checked Jim’s eligibility and confirmed that he lived alone and that no one was in receipt of carer’s allowance. We then supported Jim to ring ESA and they advised that his case would be reviewed. Jim was told that he would be contacted within 6 days.

Jim was contacted and notified that £11,000 had been paid into his account in backdated SDP payments. Jim should have been in receipt of SDP since 2016 so the backdated payment related to three years SDP. Jim was so relieved and contacted his creditors for full and final settlements, he used this backdated payment to clear his credit card debt.

Jim advised that he has already paid off his credit card debts and negotiated a full and final settlement himself reducing debt by £1200 to £3,800 and repaid in full. Jim has gained £65.85 a week additional income and will no longer have to find £300 a month to pay off credit cards.

Jim said “Thanks to your advice I’m debt free. I’m so grateful to you for helping me.”