Partners and Funders


Navigate is currently funded by:

The National Lottery Community Fund: Our Transitions Project works across the districts of Torridge and West Devon and is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. Transitions aim to reduce social isolation and improve the quality of life and financial wellbeing of people living in the rural settlements of Torridge and West Devon.

British Gas Energy Trust (BGET): Our BGET project is funded by the British Gas Energy Trust. Mind in Somerset have joined the Wiser£money partnership to provide mental health advocacy and support as part of this project. Our BGET project aims to improve the quality of life, well-being and financial resilience of people living in the districts of West Somerset, Mid-Devon and North Devon. The project works in communities across the three districts to support people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, poverty, financial hardship, and social and financial exclusion.

Mid Devon District Council: Local Welfare Assistance is funded by Mid Devon District Council to help Mid Devon residents who are facing exceptional financial difficulty. Mid Devon District Council is one of the few Local Authorities in Devon to offer a Local Welfare Assistance Scheme.

Reports and Evaluations

We regularly report on our projects and services to share our learning with partners and funders. These reports aim to:

  • Raise awareness of best practice
  • Share learning captured from our project work
  • Share identified gaps in provision/areas of need

Reports can be downloaded below:

Wiser£money BGET Social Impact Assessment

Stakeholder Forums

As part of our project delivery, we hold Stakeholder Forum Events every six months, to review project progress and partnership working with local voluntary and statutory sector organisations. These forums provide an opportunity to discuss issues and challenges, share knowledge, update on new projects available across the districts and to feed into the continuous improvement process. The stakeholder forums have been well attended across all of our projects with between 10 and 25 key agencies attending each event. Evaluation forms are completed at each event and the overwhelming response has been that these are valuable forums to all who have participated.

The Forums aim to:

  • provide space to network
  • promote strong working relationships
  • share our project outcomes and social policy issue findings
  • identify common trends across the partners
  • explore key areas that impact on rural isolation and financial wellbeing
  • offer the opportunity to shape the development and delivery of our services.

We know there are a lot of pressures on individual’s time so we keep the meetings short; 2 hours and we are keen to make them a valuable, enjoyable and thought provoking experience. We produce a summary report recording the discussion.

At the last Transition Stakeholder Forum meeting on the 6th February 2019, we asked if everyone was inspired to work more closely and a 100% said yes.

Our team will continue to organise Stakeholder Forums and regularly attend partner events and set up information stands or join team meetings to talk, listen, exchange good practice, answer questions about benefits, money capability, debt prevention, explain what advice services are available and how to access them.

It was useful to network with workers from other organisations covering the Torridge area and to hear about different schemes that they run to support vulnerable individuals in the community.


Navigate work with a wide range of statutory and voluntary sector organisations and believe strongly that partnership work adds value to the activities and communities we work with; building the financial resilience of individuals and reducing the stress and anxiety of many enabling them to open the door to greater community engagement and improved wellbeing.

Navigate has a formal partnership with Encompass Southwest known as “Wiser£money”. The partnership was formed in 2012 and currently delivers a number of Financial Inclusion services across Devon and operates under a formal partnership agreement.

Encompass Southwest is a community based charity that delivers advice and support services to people living in the rural districts of Devon who are experiencing crisis, hardship & homelessness.

To find our more about Encompass please visit their website at:

The Wiser£money partnership is joined for specific projects by extended partners to support project delivery, extended partnerships are governed by a collaboration agreement which details how the partnership operates and the roles and responsibilities of each organisation including;

Mind in Somerset a registered charity of highly regarded specialist mental health services. This expanded partnership developed a model of working that achieved outstanding results fusing specialist financial inclusion advice and support with specialist mental health services.

To find out more about Mind in Somerset please visit their website:

West Devon Community & Volunteer Service (WDCVS) for the Transitions project. WDCVS is a voluntary sector infra-structure organisation that supports local voluntary and community action by working with voluntary and community organisations and groups.

To find our more about West Devon CVS please visit their website:

If you would like to explore partnership working with us, or are interested in attending the Stakeholder Forum event please do get in touch by email or by phone 01823 299050.